Pivots: Forward and Backward

Chapter 7

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  • Forward to Backward Pivots
  • Forward to Backward Pivots at Top Speed
  • Backward to Forward Pivots
  • Game Situation Pivots
  • Game Situation Pivots Carrying the Puck
  • Hard Pivot
  • Hard Pivot Partner Drill
  • Hard Pivot Partner Drill Passing the Puck
  • FullIce Hard Pivot with a Puck and a Shot
  • Hard Pivots in the Offensive Zone
  • Clinical Drill -- Face-off Agility
  • Face-off Agility - Drill 1
  • Face-off Agility - Drill 2
  • Backward Pivots with Backward Skating
  • Backward Pivots with Backward Skating with the Puck

SexNo sexual references
LanguageNo bad language
ViolenceNo violence
DrugsNo drug use or references
NudityNo Nudity
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