Performance Skating vs. Power Skating

Chapter 10

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  • Introduction
  • 8 Differences between Fast Skaters and Slow Skaters
  • Recovery Time -- Skate Pushes Off and Lands
  • Research
  • Blade Flat Push Off -- Quick Push-off
  • Inefficient Long Stride -- Heel Click
  • Efficient Wide Stride and Quick Recovery
  • Excellent Wide Stride -- Fast Skaters
  • Ineffective Skating Tricks
  • Gliding on One Foot vs. 2-Foot Glide
  • Non-Game Related Skate Movements
  • Entertainment
  • Proper Arm Movement
  • Arm Movement research
  • Stick On the Ice and Stick Off the Ice
  • Ineffective Toe Flick During Push-Off
  • Skating with ResistanceĀ  and Treadmills
  • Game Performance Ready Position vs V-Start
  • Inefficient Running on Skates to Accelerate

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NudityNo Nudity
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